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   The company MIRSAND S.R.L. Brasov is a private company registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brasov in 2000, having as main activity: CAEN code 7219 - "Research and development in other natural sciences and engineering" and as secondary activities of the certificate found are: consulting in calculation technology (hardware), editing software, consultancy and delivery of software products, activities related to databases. Also MIRSAND has a important activity in defence field with many products and projects like Integrate Systems etc..

   In 2000, S.C. MIRSAND S.R.L. was certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 by the Military Certification, Accreditation and Supervision (OMCAS), received certificate no. 136 and was subsequently recertified in 2003 and 2006. Starting from October 2009, we had receive the Acreditation from AJA REGISTRAS EUROPE, Great Britain.

   The company also attended and participated, especially as partner and coordinator in consortia to achieve many projects in various national research programs(MENER, RELANSIN, security, aerospace, partnership, innovation) of the National Plan for Research and Development and Innovation or Sectorial plans.

   Another important segment of our activity is research and design in informatics: designing and implementing software in the field of databases, the leadership, including production, administration, optimization of production processes, profit optimization, the optimization social processes, accounting, management, fixed assets, etc..

    Information on references in the field we will communicate that information management system implemented in S.C. Arsenal S.A. Bucharest, S.C. AEROFINA S.A. Bucharest,S.C. ROMAERO Bucharest.